Psyllids: The invasion of the tomato snatchers

Well, it’s official.

Out of the mouth of Kapiti’s Green Gardener last week, “Well, if you don’t have psyllids, you are the only person in Kapiti that I’ve heard of.”

And she’s right. I wasn’t looking close enough. Actually, because I was hoping it wasn’t true. But here they are

psyllids on tomato leaves

SandRa over at Stoneyground Herbs has a much better camera than mine and has captured the little buggers well. And Kath Irvine has a must-read post 5 ways to beat the Tomato Potato Psyllid

So it’s out with the neem this week. I’m going to try to keep the plants going to harvest some tomatoes for eating but it’s looking like we won’t be harvesting any tomato seed this year.

If the rumours are true and a NZ company broke biosecurity rules and brought in unclean material that was carrying the psyllid–may horrible, terrible, bad things happen to them. They have seriously compromised the poster child for organic homegrown vegetables. You can’t beat a homegrown tomato, picked at perfect ripeness. And by golly-gosh we shall fight these psyllids for that delicious taste.


  1. Full sympathies with you. I’ve just finished a trial of different methods for beating the pysillids in my garden here in Nelson – check out results on my to see what worked for me.