Autumn excitations

autumnnal excitationsI’ve been known to get a bit excited about things. Sometimes I even get a bit squeaky. And Friday morning I caught me a case of everything is awesomeness. Really, wonderfully, rapturously thrilled about stuff. Sometimes, stuff just rocks!

So excuse me while I have an indulgently joyful little moment and recount to you some of the things that just light me up right now. Take notes cos I’m talking halle-frickin-lujah type stuff here


I adore it and lay responsibility for this halcyon haze at it’s chilly little morning tootsies.  That chill in the air is like pixie dust to me. One snort and I am one happy mama. The hot hot days are done, and I feel like I can breathe out. There are more resources around-water flows, money flows a bit better too. Summer harvests have peaked and things just feel more abundant. Just those few degrees lower and I get more energy, more excitement, clarity and flow. I get my flow back. Summer drains me and pulls me into too much hard stuff. Autumn I get it all back together and I’m so much more productive. I am crepuscular. I get back to the way I want to feel. And that dear people is really the whole point of everything, the secret sauce of life – feeling good.

Tiny, life-affirming packages of joy

This time of year seed packages start arriving from all around the place. Herbs start drying in all corners of the house. Little treats come in from everywhere. People pop in to see me with all sorts of goodies to share and it’s like Christmas without the guilt, dramas and financial outlay. This is magic right here.

Surround yourself with good people and do great stuff

The family are all good and I gots myself some great people around right now and we’re doing some amazing things. Doing stuff I’m passionate about with those I adore makes life sing. All sorts of bits and pieces like helping some really special folk with their businesses and helping them accomplish pretty awesome stuff (oh yeah, cos my day job is as a Digital Business Strategist – fascinating Anna fact).

1960791_822860407785093_8648577421191960867_oThen we’ve got the sweet Kapiti Seedbank.

I’m darn thrilled to be working with the remarkable Kath Irvine on two events this month; a herb talk at the Kapiti Sustainable Home and Garden Show and then she’s invited me to speak at her Autumn in the Vegie Garden workshop March 28.

Also at the Show I’m teaming up with a group of other sustainable-ethical-extraordinary businesses in the Kapiti Hive tent.

And then the Beyond Organic NZ tour sweeps into town and we head to the Wairarapa to talk Food Forests.

Inspiration everywhere

Absorbing everything I can from these supreme people
Stefan Sobkoviak – watch the movie, join the tour.
Danielle LaPorte – has changed my life. Fullstop. I adore her words, I revel in her wisdom.
Richo Cech – Finally, finally reading The Medicinal Herb Grower and found what I knew I would – heart-stirring, intelligent, amazing book. It’s a slow, divine read made slower by the fact I’m indexing all the plant references (because I’m that kind of geek.) More on this subject soon.

Finally, I’m getting some sleep

I find it hard to shut my brain off at night and falling asleep was always an issue. Running around after two kids has helped wear me out a lot but there are some nights I seem to lay awake for hours. My sweet 18-month-old has only just really started sleeping through the night. Wait, I may have just jinxed that.

No longer! The 4-7-8 breathing trick has worked wonders. Try it. It’s been amazing for me.

Breathing Exercises: 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise from Andrew Weil, M.D. on Vimeo.


Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” – Thích Nhất Hạnh