Talking herbs

Kapiti Sustaible Home and Garden ShowRN
I’m full of bright ideas. And stories about plants.
So a friend at Kapiti Coast District Council asked me to share. A talk at the 2014 Kapiti Sustainable Home & Garden Show based around one of my most popular blog posts. Herbs are the most popular topic on this blog with Echinacea and Lemon balm posts being among the most popular pieces. So I agreed because ya’know, I really dig this stuff and thought it would be super-fun to tag team with my very knowledgeable and hilarious friend Kath Irvine. Because we excel at chatting. If nothing else, we’d be laughing and maybe the audience would glean something useful.
Because we were being too busy, or perhaps too lazy, but definitely too flippant we let someone else write the title and blurb. First aid kit in your backyard
We freaked out. We got all worrying because we aren’t qualified in anything and we didn’t want to upset medical herbalists or give people an over-inflated idea of what we were doing. We were ready to jump. We got talked down. We were given very sage advice. And we did a brilliant talk to a packed tent and we had fun and it was pretty awesome.
So we got asked to do it again this year and again flippantly we said yeah sure, and didn’t think about the blurb. And the talk was promoted on social media by others who don’t understand the subtleties of such issues with the headline Want to learn about medicinal herbs? And people bit. …. And we panicked and we wanted to pull out again.
But we’re not. Because you don’t have to have a qualification to talk about what you love. We do have a heap of experience in all aspects of growing and using herbs because we have been incorporating them into our lives for over 20-(mumble) years each. We do a heap of reading and learning and experimenting and doing. And we are incredibly passionate about empowering people to be resourceful, be healthy and use plants to enrich our lives.
So if you would like to hear what we’ve got to say in all it’s non-academic but very well-researched glory, see you in the No.8 wire tent on Sunday March 22, 1pm. We are not dispensing medical advice. We won’t be telling you how to cure cancer. We won’t say take these plants and ignore Western medicine. We’re not selling snake oil. We just want you to enjoy using the beautiful plants around you. And yes, around here science is a highly-valued.
And you’ll get to stop by and chat and pick up your autumn seeds at the LovePlantLife Seeds stand 70.