Worm pee improves tomato seedling growth

organic heirloom tomatoes from loveplantlife

Science proves what we have been using for years.  “Results showed that vermicompost-leachate can be a suitable soil amendment product to improve overall soil fertility and growth of tomato plants, even under temperature and water stress conditions.”

That’s because it contains proteins, vitamins, and micro- and macro-elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

“Worldwide, drought conditions, extreme temperatures, and high soil saline content all have negative effects on tomato crops. These natural processes reduce soil nutrient content and lifespan, result in reduced plant growth and yield, and ultimately translate to lower profits for tomato producers. As an alternative to unsustainable practices such as the use of synthetic fertilizers, producers are looking to environment-friendly soil ameliorants such as verimcompost leachate, an organic liquid produced from earthworm-digested material and casts that occur during the vermicomposting process.”

Mayashree Chinsamy, Manoj G. Kulkarni and Johannes Van Staden.Vermicompost Leachate Reduces Temperature and Water Stress Effects in Tomato Seedlings. HortScience, September 2014

Check out the fantastic worm bin we built to process food waste and turn it into vermicompost.

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