Time for tea: More scientific justifications for your tea break

Amazing what a cup of tea can do for you according to the latest science dispatches. Here’s but a sprinkling of reports suggesting that small actions consistently done can produce pretty incredible health outcomes.

Go fix yourself a drink and check these little tea-based nuggets.

First evidence that green tea extract enhances working memory. This will put green tea on the list for dementia treatment research. You can read the report here.

Oral cancer treatment may have a new weapon in its arsenal, also thanks to green tea. Food scientists have discovered another compound within the magical green innards of the tea leaf that is shutting down specific cancer cells.

Oh green tea I love you, let me count the ways… But medical imaging wasn’t one of them until scientists started using green tea to bind with nanoparticles to help with MRI imaging. Big win technology.

A herbal tea that could combat malaria is due to start its first clinical trial in July. More at SciDev.

More evidence a spoon full of turmeric a day could be a very good idea. Turmeric could help improve the memory of people who are in the very early stages of diabetes. But do remember to add a pinch of pepper to help your body absorb it.

Want a little snack with that? Try a shiitake mushroom a day in order to boost that immune system