What’s the story?

About LovePlantLife Seeds

LovePlantLife Seeds is a boutique seed business bringing the wonder of exquisite homegrown vegetables and the reassurance of food resilience to New Zealand gardeners. We provide delicious seeds for your food-growing needs. Based on the Kapiti Coast.


We hold 4 basic principles to be sacrosanct:
  • Plants are the best resources.
  • Food needs to be about people, by people, for people.
  • Seeds are the start of everything. We need to know how to look after them.
  • We can save the world through gardening.

LovePlantLife Seeds now has a new website www.loveplantlife.co.nz


About LovePlantLife: The Blog

The business grew out of a gardening and economic botany blog started in 2008 dedicated to “the plants we love because they sustain our life.  Plants provide all the materials we need to live and do so in the cleanest and greenest of ways”. As an obsession with seeds and food resilience grew, so did the website.


About Anna Butterfield

IAnna Butterfield’m a plant geek, content nerd, food gardener, seed saver, treasure hunter, flavourphile, wife and mum.

I am an organic, biointensive gardener specialising in seed production and economic botany.

I work on a number of community projects relating to growing food and community. I organise Seedy Sunday Kapiti, I run the  Kapiti Seed Bank, and am secretary for theKapiti Time Bank. I grow seeds and sell them through LovePlantLife.com. I occasionally sell plants through Trade Me.

In my spare time I help people with great ideas get them online.

Connect with me on TwitterGoogle+Pinterest, or contact me through this page.