Autumn excitations

I’ve been known to get a bit excited about things. Sometimes I even get a bit squeaky. And Friday morning I caught me a case of everything is awesomeness. Really, wonderfully, rapturously thrilled about stuff. Sometimes, stuff just rocks! So excuse me while I have an indulgently joyful little moment and recount to you some […]

Flower Diary – October

Bit of a brainwave yesterday. One of those things born of necessity. Turned into a good activity for the 3yo, gave me a moment to finish my cup of tea AND then I thought’ “Wow! Great idea. What an excellent way of keeping track of what’s happening in my garden and what food is available […]

The LPL Home Garden Report

It’s been awhile since I’ve reported in on the current state of affairs in the LovePlantLife home testing garden. Despite the best efforts of two littlies take up all my attention, the garden is doing surprisingly well. But it has been a bungled, mish-mash of growing what I can get into the ground rather than […]

Calming Melissa: How to use lovely lemon balm

It didn’t seem out of the ordinary to be struggling through the last couple of weeks of pregnancy and sometimes feel a little fractitious…ill-tempered…grumpy. Or so I reasoned as I stripped bare the flourishes of spring growth of my lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) 3 days into spring. I’d been hitting the stuff hard those last […]