The Broad Beans Are Back

Last week I was convinced the wind was destroying my broad beans. I really like broad beans. With today’s fantastic sun and assuaged winds, came a chance to get in and discover the damage. And I’m pleased to say, they did just fine; until an exuberant 2-year-old tried to help me pick them. Broad beans […]

Small but perfectly formed delay in orders

Sorry, we’ve been experiencing a postal problem with current orders. We just can’t seem to stop staring at our spring lamb long enough, wondering what disruption she’s going to cause to the garden schedules. If you have been buying seeds and there has been a delay, we are truly sorry and promise to have it […]

The Autumn Cleanse and Rebuild

There comes a time when you really have to sit down, analyse your priorities, face realities and make hard decisions. The reality is that size 8 is a looooong way behind me, I have too many old clothes and not enough storage to cope. They have to go. And the same kind of logic must […]

Easter is magic

I love Easter. I do believe it’s my favourite holiday. While Christmas is all hot and bothered and expensive and a scheduling nightmare, Easter is cool and calm and chocolatey and seed-collecting. And after the long, hot and very dry Summer we’ve just experienced, Thursday April 28 saw a very welcome drop in temperature and a definite […]