Sweetpea Matucana

Corn, zucchinis, tomatoes and chillis are going gangbusters. The basil is beyond belief. But winning my heart each day as I look out the kitchen window… My matucana sweetpeas. What are you loving in your garden right now?

We were down… but not out

You may have noticed a little glitch in the mainframe in the last couple of weeks. A terribly debilitating case of January-itis hit LovePlantLife.com and the site went down, down, down. But hey… we’re back and ready for a year of action, intrigue and an awful lot of growing. Prepare yourselves people, for this year […]

Beautiful day

New 9m bed done, time to sip wine under the Moroccan tent admiring my hard work. Please be sure to doubleclick to see the full glory because I still cant make my images display properly .

November is not for the nervous

Spring madness is in full fervour here at LovePlantLife HQ. Life is getting its grow on in every spare bit of dirt, and metaphorically every which way you turn, opportunity is trying to bang down the door. But after a mammoth amount of effort by those nearest and dearest, an amazing amount of work has […]