Why the GCSB Bill affects you and how this post will probably get me spied on

Have you ever been a member of an ‘environmental’ organisation, joined a Union, given money to a cause, signed a petition, been involved in a protest at any time in your life? Posted something on Facebook that might upset someone, or just mouthed off in the pub about the government/police/business/anything? Are you Maori? Are you […]

Love DOC Day – April 11

The Department of Conservation is critical to ensuring New Zealand’s wild places and species are protected. The budget and staff cuts of $54 million are slashing their capacity. Show the government and DOC you care by sending a message of support! DOC is crucial to protecting this country’s clean green image and to looking after […]

NZ Food Bill Madness

Please repeat after me: the NZ Food Bill does not make gardening illegal and it won’t be rushed in over xmas holidays. (Politicians have long summer holidays – not back until Feb 7) Nice to have everyone talking about food policy though! More on this later….

Being fair to Fonterra

Previously, I have noted with disdain, some of the activities of Fonterra that I have not found favourable. Because my Mama raised me right I thought I should give praise where praise is due. It has been announced that it will be mandatory to fence all waterways on Fonterra farms as condition of supply. Bloody […]