Why trees?

Excellent presentation clearly explaining just why people need trees and the use of trees in urban settings. Wonderfully drawn.

Vintage New Zealand Department of Conservation Posters

Those fabulous folks over at Retronaut have another kiwi gem hidden in their archives. The other day I pointed out their fine examples of NZ flora on vintage New Zealand tourism posters, and now I’ve found the delightful collection of Department of Conservation posters. Most I remember from classroom walls when I was just a little […]

Countries with bans or restrictions on GMOs

New Zealand Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Sciences president Associate Professor John Hickford, of Lincoln University, said elsewhere in the world GM research was being carried out at a heightened pace. “GM is a major area of research internationally, but one that NZ is apparently not allowed to be involved in,” he said. The Rotorua […]

NZ GM field trial destroyed by activists

375 plants in a genetically-modified pine tree study into herbicide resistance and reproduction have been destroyed. The trees were planted last August at Scion in Rotorua for a trial that was meant to take two to three years. Now, new genetically modified trees will have to be planted, and the trial started again. Or not, […]