Treasury advice to NZ: Screw biosecurity, we want money

We should reduce “at the border” barriers and change new organisms regulations weakening the laws around the introduction of new organisms like genetically modified organisms, according to the Treasury Department. Treasury made the recommendation in their briefing to the Incoming Minister on Thursday. “Treasury should stick to what it does best – overestimating future economic […]

Two Sides to the Food Crisis

via Food+Tech – Connecting Food and Tech Innovators Recommended on While in Global Food News… A rather depressing/unsettling piece from The Telegraph linking the current political unrest in the Middle East and Africa with food supply issues. They point out that the surge in global food prices is hitting hardest the countries with an accelerating gap between […]

NZ Food Bill Madness

Please repeat after me: the NZ Food Bill does not make gardening illegal and it won’t be rushed in over xmas holidays. (Politicians have long summer holidays – not back until Feb 7) Nice to have everyone talking about food policy though! More on this later….

Being fair to Fonterra

Previously, I have noted with disdain, some of the activities of Fonterra that I have not found favourable. Because my Mama raised me right I thought I should give praise where praise is due. It has been announced that it will be mandatory to fence all waterways on Fonterra farms as condition of supply. Bloody […]