Brand New NZ Seed Store

Excitement, celebration and bubbles mark the launch of the new LovePlantLife Seeds Store – purveyors of quality vegetable, herb and flower seeds. Delicious seeds for your food-growing needs.

Big things! Big things!

Hey! My sincerest thanks for all of you who took the time to send me feedback. I am truly humbled by your generosity and kind words and trying to honour that by working out I can make your wishes happen. And I’m very excited because I am. Having embraced all of the replies, I’ve set out […]

Magenta spreen: A superhero green

The most useful green you’ve ever seen: meet Magenta spreen (aka tree spinach, lambs quarters, goosefoot). The more you get to know it, the more you will adore it. Possessing extraordinary talents, our hero seems dedicated to protecting the clever gardener from boring, poor-quality vegetables. You will be instantly attracted by it’s gorgeousness, wowed by […]

Well, that’s annoying…

Well, it seems there may have been a bit of a stuff-up in the store department at LovePlantLife Seeds. I thought I had solved a postage calculation problem. But either I didn’t, or it came back. Drat and damn. So if you’ve tried to order seeds from the shop lately and thought “Whoah, that postage […]