I have questions… Episode 1: Chia, Parsley, Echinacea

The secret to productivity and getting stuff done, I am constantly told is accountability. And thus begins my new method to potentially get the website updated more often and keep it interesting of course. So I’m going to relay to you my planty questions of the moment and then I welcome your feedback while trying to […]

Easter is magic

I love Easter. I do believe it’s my favourite holiday. While Christmas is all hot and bothered and expensive and a scheduling nightmare, Easter is cool and calm and chocolatey and seed-collecting. And after the long, hot and very dry Summer we’ve just experienced, Thursday April 28 saw a very welcome drop in temperature and a definite […]

Super Secret Santa Seed Special

  Sick of rubbishy Secret Santa presents?   Want to give a great gift this year?    Can’t be bothered leaving the office to find one? Well, we’ll send you a super Santa selection from the delicious LovePlantLife Seed range and you’ll get all the kudos for coming up with such a wonderful gift. That’s […]

November is not for the nervous

Spring madness is in full fervour here at LovePlantLife HQ. Life is getting its grow on in every spare bit of dirt, and metaphorically every which way you turn, opportunity is trying to bang down the door. But after a mammoth amount of effort by those nearest and dearest, an amazing amount of work has […]