Popped Secret: The Mysterious Origin of Corn — HHMI BioInteractive Video I know, corny title. It’s the greatest transformation story of the vegetable world. About 9000 years ago farmers in southern Mexico started manipulating a grass called teosinthe. Today, the world runs on it. One of the leading food crops in the world, a source […]

Best Brook for Best Beans

The cold that moved itself into my head two days ago seems to be throwing itself a welcoming party and sublet part of the space for a factory redevelopment. Those jackhammers are deafening. So, I shall keep this brief. I just wanted to send mad-love out to Hamish at Best Brook for the little box […]

Seed research/production farm up for sale – Can anyone lend me $2mill?

A showcase farm that has grown trial seed crops for global export is up for sale and I’m daydreaming about the possibilities. The property would be an amazing base for the LovePlantLife Seed Empire to flourish. Interested backers please apply. Osterley Farm near the Canterbury township of Springston is a 26.243 hectare property which has […]