Easter is magic

I love Easter. I do believe it’s my favourite holiday. While Christmas is all hot and bothered and expensive and a scheduling nightmare, Easter is cool and calm and chocolatey and seed-collecting. And after the long, hot and very dry Summer we’ve just experienced, Thursday April 28 saw a very welcome drop in temperature and a definite […]

Take Action for Seed Freedom

The world over, legal and technological structures are being put in place to ensure the control of seeds. This is simply because seeds are big business. And three very big businesses–Monsanto, DuPont and Syngenta–now own over half the world’s seeds. And they’re fighting to protect their ‘property’ by stopping farmers being able to save seed, […]

Seed Savers Network: Seed Saving University on YouTube

We’ve struck seed-saving gold. A playlist of the best youtube videos on the subject curated by one of our heroes Michel Fanton from Seed Savers Network in Byron Bay, Australia. It was with the help of SSN’s books that LovePlantLife, the Kapiti Seed Store and Seedy Sundays got off the ground. I know what I’ll […]

Community seed saving in Rotorua

Goodness gracious, how busy little one-year-olds can be. Far too busy to allow her mother to attend the Australian Permaculture Convergence. Which is such a shame as I would have loved to have met Bill Mollison and the Fanton’s and all the other wonderful people doing amazing things throughout NZ and Australia. I must instead […]