Savour Chocolate School

I’ve spent the day on the Savour Chocolate School confectionary course. Oh, the things I’m going to do with the soft, soft textures of jelly-like substances when I get home…. unspeakable! I think the first mission will be a range of botrytised reisling winegums. Friends and family – please standby for taste testing. Guinea pigs […]

Ode to Summer

I just adore food. Growing it, cooking it, buying it, eating it, serving it up to friends, photographing it, talking about it, reading about it… yes, I’m obsessed. Happily! And this, dear friends is the utter joy of summer to me – sunny days, champagne, friends and cooking food for that was growing in my […]

Holy Beans

It’s my first crop of holy beans, which I am indeed wholly excited about. For those who aren’t familiar with my love of these little angels, please take a look at my article Growing Magic Beans. This first crop is destined for my stomach, the second will be for seed and out on the Seedy […]

Rocket Farming

Now that I’ve managed to make it successfully through winter, I can look back and say yes, it was a breeze! Truthfully, I’m not a fan. Living in temperate climates, I’m sure you get more colds, flus and generally nastiness than you do elsewhere. It’s these middling bits where one minute you’re warm, the next […]