Gush! I just bought myself an early christmas present – a pair of Youngstown women’s garden gloves. And they’re ridiculously kickass! I have girly hands. They spend most of their time typing or writing or doing inside things. They do a lot of gardening too but are, well, girly and get cuts and knocks and […]

Generosity: The other part of the how much to plant equation

I always hear about people so sick of zucchini at that certain time of year.  Stories about sneaking it into muffins and scrambling to find as many uses as possible until they’re thoroughly sick of the sight of it. Then they do the same thing later with something else – silverbeet for example. Sound familiar? […]

The 30% rule: How much should I plant?

Rachel asked me how I knew how much of anything to plant. We were talking about how all the published advice we had both seen on the topic was, work out what you eat each week and start from there ie 2 lettuce per week, plant 2 every week. But neither of us plan our […]

Edible landscaping

A big yay for whoever planted the roadside verge in Plimmerton, near Wellington. They’ve done a fantastic job with big, colourful Swiss chard, calendula and parsley. It looks amazing and completely edible. There is the issue of a highway right next to it so I don’t know if you would actually want to eat anything […]