Magenta spreen: A superhero green

The most useful green you’ve ever seen: meet Magenta spreen (aka tree spinach, lambs quarters, goosefoot). The more you get to know it, the more you will adore it. Possessing extraordinary talents, our hero seems dedicated to protecting the clever gardener from boring, poor-quality vegetables. You will be instantly attracted by it’s gorgeousness, wowed by […]

Kapiti Sustainable Home & Garden Show 2014

It’s that time of year again, Kapiti pulls out it’s sustainability finery and we go to the Show. It’s a pretty big deal. Lots of exhibitors, Mike Van de Elzen cooking, Greenest Sts competition finals, a fine fine line-up in the No 8 wire speakers tent, school gardens, and lots and lots of people. It shall […]

Hey, Thank You

To all those who shared time, experience, stories and dreams with me in 2013, thank you. To all those who bought my seeds, thank you. And thank you again if you planted them because seeds need to grow. To all those that read my articles, commented and shared, thank you (there were an awful lot […]

Peas on Earth

Wishing you all a very splendid Christmas season.