Saffron Harvest

Saffron makes me dream of exotic adventures in Arabia, Persia and India, but I’ve just had my very first saffron harvest a million miles away in little ol’ New Zealand. It won’t provide my yearly requirements, nor make me a fortune. But it may provide me with a winter’s supply of this spicy saffron drink […]


Photos taken in the Tutukiwi Orchid and Fern House, Lower Hutt after the funeral of my great-uncle Murray Bond (7 April 1929 – 20 September 2010).

Hamamelis mollis pallida

Look what I found in a garden shop today. Haven’t seen this before – witch hazel.

That’s a lotta coleslaw

No NPK fertilisers on this big boy. A cook holding up a giant cabbage at a camp in Wairarapa. Taken circa 1890s.Courtesy of ATL.