Why trees?

Excellent presentation clearly explaining just why people need trees and the use of trees in urban settings. Wonderfully drawn.

Simple soil building for free: Autumn leaves make the best soil

The best soil comes from composted leaves.  It’s a process that’s been perfected by nature over millenia, so who are we to mess with it? Leaves from deciduous trees fall in autumn, they spend winter breaking down and by spring are the perfect organic additive for your garden. Simply rake them up and make a […]

Happy grass

Resembling a dance party poster from the early 90’s, this incredible close-up is actually the internal workings of a plant I walk past nearly every day. Starting in the 1930’s, marram grass Ammophila arenaria was planted extensively around coastal New Zealand to bind sand dunes. It’s vigorous and invasive growth has caused the homogeneous sage-green dunes […]