A Foragers Treasury by Johanna Knox

I have had the great pleasure of reviewing Johanna Knox’s book A Foragers Treasury for the Booksellers NZ blog. I love the book, adore her and am eagerly anticipating un-palak paneer (one of the brilliant recipes) for dinner. The book is gorgeous. Read the review and go into the draw to win a copy.   […]

Vegetable rennet

I’m feeling cheesy. A night of watching food television will do that to a girl. I’ve just watched three hours of cheese programmes as it so happens that watching people make cheese on TV is an incredibly calming experience. At the same time I was flicking through my Harold McGee On Food and Cooking as […]

Two Sides to the Food Crisis

via Food+Tech – Connecting Food and Tech Innovators Recommended on LovePlantLife.com While in Global Food News… A rather depressing/unsettling piece from The Telegraph linking the current political unrest in the Middle East and Africa with food supply issues. They point out that the surge in global food prices is hitting hardest the countries with an accelerating gap between […]

Growing magic beans

To me, seeds are mini miracles. When I hold them in my hand I get terribly excited by all that potential inside them. And eating something that grew from a little seed I planted and nurtured is simply incredible. Some seeds themselves taste delicious and some just look beautiful – some are both. I have […]