LovePlantLife Seeds 2013/14 Seed Catalogue

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Spring is here and so is the

LovePlantLife 2013/14 Seed Catalogue!

It’s been a marathon effort to to bring you what we believe to be one of the finest selections of seed for NZ edible gardens. The growing, harvesting, cleaning, drying, packing, writing up, researching, packaging… and then we put it all into a nice big colourful catalogue hoping you’ll be as excited about it as we are. And we are pretty darn excited!

50 varieties of deliciousness

Variety isn’t just the spice of life, it’s the very stuff of life itself and we’ve got 50 different plants to grace gorgeous your garden. Lots of diversity to ensure a strong and healthy community of vegetables, herbs, green crops for great soil and pretty flowers for plenty of pollinators in your backyard. We’ve even popped in some medicinals to keep you in fine form while tending your garden of earthly delights. Lots of strong heritage varieties feature, with at least a dozen not available commercially anywhere else in New Zealand.

Grown for NZ gardens

We’re not a big company trying to be all things to all people. We specialise in growing good food in temperate New Zealand climates. Based on the Kapiti Coast, we know that all of these varieties have excellent results in gardens in this area. And we work on improving these results, adapting them to local conditions. Through our success here we can be sure that seeds will grow well in other parts of New Zealand.

Open-pollinated, non-treated, non-GMO seeds

LovePlantLife Seeds strongly believes in seed freedom and food resilience. We don’t believe that the basis for life itself should be controlled by multi-nationals and we wish to empower individuals and communities to be able to grow and feed themselves with the best seed available. Whoever controls your food supply controls you. Take back the power and grow!

Buy LovePlantLife seeds and support NZ seed-saving and community garden initiatives

With generous packet sizes, our seeds are for sharing. We’ll even teach you how to save these seeds year after year and spread the love even further. We offer workshops and talks to groups to help inspire and teach sound seed-saving and food-growing practices. We support school and community gardens through seed sourcing and fundraising opportunities.

Easy ordering

Peruse the catalogue at your leisure (We recommend with a nice glass of something delish, sitting in the deck chair and overlooking your garden). Then pop on to the computer and go to to order simply and easily. The seeds will be delivered to your door in days.

We got your back

We know these plants inside out. If you have any questions at any stage of the growing process, we are more than happy to help. You can contact us through the form below.

Enough talk – show me the prettiness!

Click on the image below to view. To save to your computer, right click and ‘Save link as’ on the picture below to download the catalogue. (PDF 9MB)

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