Isn’t it just lovely!

Beautiful big blue sky. Lovely long sunny days. Just a bit too hot for my blood. I know… never satisfied. And not a drop of rain. For weeks. And the forecast is dry, dry, dry. In the harsh sunlight the garden looks withered, the plants conserving the precious moisture by curling up their leaves. From about […]

Flower Diary – October

Bit of a brainwave yesterday. One of those things born of necessity. Turned into a good activity for the 3yo, gave me a moment to finish my cup of tea AND then I thought’ “Wow! Great idea. What an excellent way of keeping track of what’s happening in my garden and what food is available […]

Leaves 3 Oct 2014

Leaves links out to the very best plant-related content I’ve found on the world wild web this week. Geek: Seed microbes ‘Commensal’ bacteria are symbiotic helping plants extract nutrients and defend against invaders. Now, scientists have discovered that plants may package their commensal bacteria inside of seeds to ensure that sprouting plants are colonized. It’s like prepacking a blanket […]

Grow Kapiti

Want to know what’s happening in Kapiti? Well, it’s growing. Keep up with all the Edible, Environmental, and Ornamental Garden news at Also home of the Kapiti Seed Bank.