Basil – Fino Verde


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Basil – Fino verde
Ocimum basilicum
approx. 650 seeds (1 gram)

Refined looks, elegant features and a sophisticated flavour, Fino verde is a real connoisseur’s basil. This lovely compact basil bush looks breathtaking in containers. Small, narrow leaves are sweeter and more tender than the large leaf varieties with a hint of spice. Fino verde makes insanely good pesto.

Start sowing in October and transplant the last of your Fino verde outside in early January. Basil needs a warm position with full sun, good soil, drainage and heat. Being the darling that it is, doesn’t like to be shaded by other plants. Add more compost if the leaves aren’t deep green. Pinch out tops throughout growing to encourage strong, bushy plants.

Sow period October to December for outdoor planting

Soil temp for germination Above 21°C

Germination time 7 days

Plant initially in Trays

Approx no. of weeks in 1st tray 2

Depth of second tray 8cm

Approx no. of weeks in 2nd tray 3

Time till harvest Micro – 3 weeks Mini – Mighty – 6 weeks

Height 40cm

Spacing – Conv 30cm – Biointensive 20cm – Square foot 1

Position Full sun

Watering Moderate – 25 – 50 mm water per week