Basil – Sweet Genovese

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Basil – Sweet Genovese
Ocimum basilicum
approx. 650 seeds (1 gram)


Summer is magic with the smell of both love and basil in the air. Sweet Genovese is a favourite variety because of it’s strong aroma and great flavour that lifts the mood of anyone nearby. The large shiny leaves just call out to be rubbed, releasing the rapturous fragrance. For the Italians it is a sign of love. When a woman puts out a pot of basil, she is ready to receive her suitor. Are you ready for your summer romance with sweet basil?


Start sowing in October and transplant the last of your SG basil outside late December. Try them on a windowsill as tray sprouts at other times. Basil needs a warm position with full sun, good soil, drainage and heat. Add more compost if the leaves aren’t deep green. Pinch out tops to below 4 pairs of leaves throughout growth to encourage strong, bushy plants that won’t flower so quickly.


Seeds per packet about 650 (1gram)
Sow period  October to December for outdoor planting
Soil temp for germ. Above 21°C   Germ. time 7 days
Plant in Trays  Approx no.of weeks in 1st tray 2
Depth of 2nd tray 8cm Approx no. of weeks in 2nd tray 3
Time till harvest (weeks): Micro 2  Mini 4  Mighty 8
Spacing: Conventional 20cm Biointensive 15cm Square ft scatter through as a companion
Height 50cm
Position Full sun