Bean – Borlotti Fire Tongue Bush Bean

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Bean – Borlotti Fire Tongue Bush
Phaseolus vulgaris
50 seeds per packet

Perfect for the greenhouse or polytunnel this autumn, these bedazzled beans will certainly light up the season. The darling of Italian cooking, and one of the oldest borlotti bean varieites, the ‘lingua di fuoco’ (tongue of fire) bean is multi-purpose – stringless snap or a delicious shelling bean. The real beauty lies in keeping these lovelies for shelling. 14 cm long dangling jewels of red and yellow splashed pods contain 4-6 red flecked beans with a delicious creamy flavour. Give shelled beans a quick boil and lick of olive oil. Make an excellent dried bean if you have any leftover.

These beans thrive in warmth. They love plenty of organic matter dug in and you will be rewarded with heavy cropping after several feeds once the flowers appear. Borlottis will be drought tolerant, but good watering after flowering will ensure best pod development.

Sow period September-February for outdoor planting
Soil temp for germ. Above 18°C
Germ. time 4 days
Time till harvest 8 weeks
Height 40cm
Spacing 5-15cm
Position Full sun