Bean – Holy


Bean – Holy
Phaseolus vulgaris
30 seeds

Holy bean, angel bean, meditation or devil’s mask –no matter what you call them, these beans are clearly transcendent. The very clear little marking around the eye is angelic. The creamy taste is heavenly. The white and yellow flowers are extraordinary.

Traditionally, these beans were passed down to daughters upon marriage to start their own gardens. Not only as they look pretty but also easy to grow and to shell, providing green veg in summer and dried beans as protein for the winter. If one has these beans, one truly is rich!

Beans love warmth and plenty of organic matter dug into the soil. You will be rewarded with heavy cropping after several feeds once the flowers appear. Be careful when weeding around the shallow roots. To help prevent cross-pollination, don’t grow different varieties of beans too close together.

Sow period September-February for outdoor planting
Soil temp for germ. Above 18°C Germ. time 4 days
Time till harvest 8 weeks
Height 1.5-2m Spacing 5-15cm
Position Full sun