Beetroot – Bulls blood

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Beetroot – Bulls blood
Beta vulgaris var. crassa
Approx 200 seeds

An old variety that dates back to before 1900, the beautiful bull’s blood beetroot brings everything alive. There are just so many wonderful things to say about this plant – we could talk about the striking good looks (metallic, burgundy leaves give a great contrast to your winter greens), or the sweet tasty leaves (that you can eat as microgreens), or the tasty candy-striped root. One might even mention how great it is as a natural food colourant. But all of this just really means one thing – you need this in your garden!

Soak your seeds overnight before sowing directly where you want them to grow, as they transplant badly. Full sun to partial shade. Keep them moist and pick those beautiful outer leaves for salads or steaming.

Sow period July-April
Soil temp for germ. Above 10°C
Germ. time 10 days
Plant initially: Directly into beds
Time till harvest: Micro 3 weeks Mini (baby leaf) 4 Mighty (roots) 8
Spacing: Conventional 30cm Biointensive 15cm Square ft 9
Position Full sun