Broccoli – Precoce Romanesco

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Broccoli Precoce Romanesco
Brassica oleracea italica
Approx 200 seeds per packet


While some are busy arguing over whether this is technically a broccoli or a cauliflower, some are wondering if it is actually from this earth. Well, now it can be from your very own garden, just as Italian gardeners have grown for generations. The pyramid shaped head with intense fractal spirals grows just as a normal brassica would. But this beauty certainly isn’t ordinary. Very striking vegetable for your plot. Nice flavour, a bit nutty. Fractal-icious!

Heavy-feeder so have your beds well-prepared, but this plant doesn’t like an oversupply of nitrogen. Start seeds in trays and plant mature seedlings at 45cm intervals. Do harvest before the heads start flowering.
Seeds per packet approx 200 seeds
Sow period
Soil temp for germ.
Germ. time 7-10 days
Plant initially in Trays
Approx no. of weeks in 1st tray
Depth of 2nd tray
Approx no. of weeks in 2nd tray
Time till harvest: Micro 10 days Mighty 90 days
Spacing: Conventional cm Biointensive 5cmSquare ft