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Fagopyrum esculentum
14 grams of seed


A particularly generous plant, there are just so many reasons to grow buckwheat. It’s a quick and easy grain crop that will do well in almost any type of soil. Requires little attention during the growing season, but is sensitive to drought or frost. When dug in as a green manure crop, buckwheat decays rapidly, making nitrogen and mineral constituents available for the next crop. Great if you are establishing a new vege bed.

— A fast green manure crop (7-10 weeks)
— Cover crop for suppressing weeds
— Grow after root crops to replenish phosphorus levels
— Excellent producer of dry matter for the compost pile
— Pretty, fragrant flowers that bees love (good honey plant)
— Attracts beneficial insects – hoverflies and predatory wasps (use under apple trees to counter leafroller)
— Seeds are highly nutritious and contain lysine
— Can be ground into flour or used for sprouting
— Good chicken feed crop
— Hulls are used to fill buckwheat pillows

Individually, buckwheat can be a bit spindly. It loves to be planted en masse. The seeds in this packet will cover 1 m2. Frost sensitive.

Soil temp for germ. Above 20°C
Germ. time 3-4 days
Plant initially Direct sow
Height 60cm
Time till harvest 10-12 weeks for seed