Chives – Garlic

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Garlic chives
Allium tuberosum
Approx 450 seeds per packet

Garlic chives are good-looking and long-living plants that are just plain tasty. With a mild garlic flavour, these are used extensively in Asian cooking, but work really well in just about anything. The dark leaves are a great garnish. And wait until they flower! Striking white balls of florets with a delicate perfume are sensational at the end of summer.

Easy to grow. Direct sow or transplant in clumps. Makes an excellent companion plant in the vege patch or a rather fine addition to your windowsill. Will sit dormant if temperatures get too low (under about 5°) but make a strong comeback in Spring.

Seeds per packet approx 450
Days to germination 7-14 days
Days to harvest From 30 days