Gold Nugget Tomatoes

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Tomato – Gold Nugget
Lycopersicon esculentum
50 seeds


A most delicious and delightful little bush of cherry tomatoes that are gloriously golden. It’s like all the summer sunshine encapsulated in one little nugget of a tomato. Prepare for gold fever with this early ripening, very productive variety.

Make sure all your tomatoes are in a fertile bed or container before Christmas. Plant amongst lots of flowers and herbs, especially basil and marigolds, for companionship and gorgeousness. Feed your tomatoes weekly with comfrey once you start seeing fruit and be consistent with your watering.

Sow period September – end November for outdoors
Soil temp for germ. 20°C
Germ. time 7-14 days
Plant initially in Trays
Approx no. of weeks in 1st tray 4
Depth of 2nd tray 15cm
Approx no. of weeks in 2nd tray 4
Time till harvest 60-80 days
Height c.60cm
Spacing Conventional 80cm Biointensive 45cm Square ft 1plant takes 4 squares
Position Full sun
Watering Moderate (25-50mm per week)