Lettuce – Heirloom Leaf Trio

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Lettuce – Heirloom Trio Pack
Lactuca sativa

It’s boring having just one type of lettuce so we created a triumvirate of lettuce power. Three tasty, tantalising lettuce for leaf harvest as you like. All heirloom varieties with a good nutritional profile and lovely lettucey looks.

Speckled trout (Forellenschuss) Austrian heirloom cos. Beautiful green, soft leaf with maroon speckles. High antioxidant levels. Grows well in all seasons. An excellent germination rate.

Little Gem English heirloom. Delicate but delightful flavour with a satisfying crunch. Great at baby stage but forms small solid heads with mid green, medium-blistered leaves if left to mature.

Rouge d’hiver French heirloom with a green heart and brownish-red leaves.Rich and buttery in flavour. Looks super-stylish in the winter garden.

Cultivation: Lettuce need to be grown quickly. Give them a good start with lots of organic content in the soil and keep them moist. Transplant as soon as large enough to handle, before they have six leaves. Plant out at 20cm intervals. Snip down to 5cm after leaves are more than 10cm tall and more leaves will be produced.

Seeds per packet 3 x 450 seeds, separately bagged