Pea – Carouby

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Pea – Carouby de Maussane
Pisum sativum
80 seeds per packet

A stunning French heirloom variety of mangetout pea with vivid pink, purple and blue splashes of changing colour giving way to enormous, flavourful pods. You’d think 15cm pods would be a bit tough, but these are oh, so tender. A wonderful snack straight off the vine. Those gorgeous flowers are a lovely garnish or salad addition.

Carouby is more heat tolerant than many pea varieties. Soak your pea seeds before planting. Plant in full sun in a moist, fertile and well-drained soil. Sweeten them up with some compost, give them a bit of a climbing frame, make sure they have a bit of shelter from strong winds and keep them well watered. You’ll be rewarded with plenty of juicy pods to keep picking once they’re ready. Harvest continuously to encourage further growth.

Seeds per packet 80 seeds
Sow period September – March for outdoor planting
Soil temp for germ. About 10°C
Germ. time  6 days
Plant initially in Direct sow into garden bed
Time till harvest c. 65 days
Height 150cm
Spacing: Conventional 30cm Biointensive 20cmSquare ft 8 
Position Full sun
Watering Moderate