Radish – Easter Egg

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Radish – Easter egg
Raphanus sativus
Approx 250 seeds (3grams)

These little radishes are just so gosh-darn delightful. Your kids will love them – it’s like finding Easter eggs in your garden – pink ones, red ones, purple ones and white too. They just make you smile. And the mild peppery flavour gives salads a bit of snap and adds a good dose vitamin C.

They’re so super-easy and quick to grow. Sow seed directly where you want them. Just make sure they get regular waterings and do plant them in a different spot.

Sow period All year
Soil temp for germ. 10-20°C
Germ. time 5 days
Plant initially Directly in beds
Time till harvest 28 days
Spacing: Conventional 5cm Biointensive 5cm Square ft 16