We’ve Bean Harvesting

The last of the scarlet runner beans are in, with a large amount destined for the seed bank. I consider this year’s growing season a success. Easy to grow, healthy and vigorous plants that looked stunning against the house – dense lush green climbers with beautiful scarlet flowers. As this was my first year growing […]

Scarlet runner beans

Despite ridiculous winds, our scarlet runner beans and the sunflowers planted within the cage the beans are climbing, have almost reached the roof. The beautiful orange flowers look sensational against the slate colour of the house. Oh how it fills my heart with joy!

Growing magic beans

To me, seeds are mini miracles. When I hold them in my hand I get terribly excited by all that potential inside them. And eating something that grew from a little seed I planted and nurtured is simply incredible. Some seeds themselves taste delicious and some just look beautiful – some are both. I have […]