Before it’s too late

Mange à trois – Praying Mantis Action

You’ve heard the stories now see the photographic evidence right here at LovePlantLife! Female praying mantis rips off and devours the head of not one but two lovers, turning this ménage à trois into a mange à trois. Wild!

Kapiti’s wetlands need you! 3 great community events coming up

The world needs wetlands Wetlands are considered the most biologically diverse of all ecosystems. They provide a habitat and enormous food source for fish, birds and other animals. These areas support the greatest concentrations of bird life of any habitat in New Zealand and support far more species that a comparable forest area. Native fish […]

Big profit from nature protection

Money invested in protecting nature can bring huge financial returns, according to a major investigation into the costs and benefits of the natural world. And so starts yesterday’s article from BBC News reporting on The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity study (Teeb). The international project has been looking at the economic value of natural systems […]