Subversive Plots and Growing Revolutions

We need to make food about connection and community, not big business. Find out how you can enlist, resist and assist to take back the power at this special presentation as part of the Kapiti Coast District Council ‘Getting On To It’ series of talks. Subversive plots and growing revolutions Anna Butterfield Tuesday 3 December, 7.30pm – 9.30pm […]

When food gets hyper-local: Local cooking competition licks MasterChef

Some people just have brilliant ideas and you really want to support them. And that’s how I found myself sitting inside on the first fine day after a week of deluge, wind and bitter cold. And what an incredibly warm and cheery place to be. The event was the  judging of the Local Table competition […]

Community seed saving in Rotorua

Goodness gracious, how busy little one-year-olds can be. Far too busy to allow her mother to attend the Australian Permaculture Convergence. Which is such a shame as I would have loved to have met Bill Mollison and the Fanton’s and all the other wonderful people doing amazing things throughout NZ and Australia. I must instead […]

Seedy Sunday, seed stores and seed sorting

In the interests of transparency, and because it’s been asked, it’s about time I explained some of the behind-the-scenes workings of Seedy Sunday. People want to know more about what happens with the seeds, where they come from and how they get looked after. There’s an entire ecosystem of seeds that keep Seedy Sunday running. […]