Coffee Break

Those talented cats over at Oatmeal have put together this fab graphic 15 (ish) Things Worth Knowing About Coffee.  So for a Friday treat, learn how the giddy world of coffee is related to dancing goats, bean belts, Islam, George Washington, American GIs and brain chemicals that wanna party. Just in time for another cup […]

White Jasmine Sparkling Tea – yummmmm…

I may have just found my new favourite drink. Irony being, it’s unlikely to ever pass my lips. New Zealand’s age-old problem with the tyranny of distance is taunting me with the internet waivering delectable treats in front of my eyes. I’m a huge fan of tea – particularly white tea and especially jasmine-infused. I’m […]

Drink tea

I drink a lot of tea. It doesn’t seem so next to my British in-laws who seem to constantly sip sugary, milky gumboot tea. But nearly all my fluid intake consists of pots of aromatic gorgeous brews of green or white teas, florally-infused blacks or herbal concoctions. Plants all brewed in water, imparting nutrients, vitamins, […]