Sweet Iris

Sweet iris Iris pallida, the source of orris root used in perfumery. Flowering for the first time in the gardens at LPL HQ. The rhizomes are harvested after three years and then dried for up to five years and give off the aroma of violets. Perfumes that smell powdery contain orris root. The preparation of […]


Since Boxing Day is synonymous with shopping here in New Zealand, I thought it appropriate to post this amazing window display for London’s Selfridges created by Matthew Plummer Fernandez. I’ve always had a thing for geometry – how it looks rather than the mathematics, that stuffs way above me. But what I really dig is […]

Paeonies or Peonies? Doesn’t matter, they’re still pretty

Things I learnt about paeonies today: The peony rose will guzzle through water like no other cut flower. A vase with only five peony stems can drink up to one litre of water every day. In New Zealand, they’re only in season for about 10 weeks and that window of opportunity is here. This feathered […]

Am I just providing safe-harbour to an enemy?

I couldn’t help but bring it home. It’s just so pretty! Cytisus ‘Lilac time’ (Cytisus scoparius) is an evergreen shrub with very small leaves. Lilac-pink pea flowers adorn the bush in spring. I bought it in full-flower. It dazzled me with its charms. I failed to notice that it was in fact, a broom. There […]