Not a flower we think of often in New Zealand. But it is actually big business here. In 2006 exports of bulbs alone were worth NZ$6.6 million. Strangely enough, NZ exports tulip bulbs back to the Netherlands. This is mainly driven by large Dutch companies such as Haakman, aiming to supply international customers year-round. New […]

Kowhai ngutu kaka

Spotted in Saturday’s DomPost, the stunning kowhai ngutu kaka, a.k.a kaka beak or Clianthus puniceus. The article was a little questionable (kaka beak has been nearly extinct in the wild since the 1940s, so there’s hardly any point trying to blame cows or grapes). But it’s nice to see the incredible scarlet flowers get a […]

Another Glorious Red New Zealand Summer

You can tell that summer and the festive season are here. It’s difficult to miss with the tell-tale red lights of the pohutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa) signalling the way. The pohutukawa is also known as the New Zealand Christmas Tree because of the beautiful crimson display that flares at the end of November and right through […]

Robot flowers for the robot bees

A giant mechanical flower that opens and closes at dawn and dusk, made by students at the University Of Buenos Aires in Argentina. (Via Suicide Bots – hot Bot on Bot Action. Photo by Don)