Poppies are here!

Came out on the same day. So nice to see them 🙂

Poppy evolution in the LPL garden

I’ve been growing poppies for years. Beautiful big reddish-pink single poppies. I never plant them they just freely seed everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. With each flower capable of producing a thousand seeds you can see why.It’s never been a big problem though. The silvery-grey foliage looks very attractive next to my vegetables or […]

Resplendent Natives

To the uninformed, New Zealand natives are green and boring. How wrong those poor saps are. Have a look at these deliciously radiant native species all flowering now: Hebe speciosa ‘Magenta’, manuka and Phormium cookianum Poor Knights lilies (Raupo taranga; Xeronema callistemon) flowering spike.(Thanks David for correcting me through the comments).


Photos taken in the Tutukiwi Orchid and Fern House, Lower Hutt after the funeral of my great-uncle Murray Bond (7 April 1929 – 20 September 2010).