October Planting – What you can plant right now and when you can eat it

Wayback when I created a handy little chart of growing times for common food plants which proved quite popular. So let’s put it in immediate terms- What can you plant this Labour weekend and when will you be able to eat it? ~~A reminder that this is for a guide for temperate New Zealand.~~ Plant now for December harvest Leaf […]

The dark side of fruit & veg

I’m just a little perplexed by this article in the Daily Mail. I can’t figure out if it’s another case of bad journalism, some kids taking the mickey or a tragic indictment of the state of our food supply. I can maybe see what they’re saying about hayfever. I can also see that in diversifying […]

Jerusalem artichokes

I reckon that every garden should have Jerusalem artichokes (Helianthus tuberosus). It’s like an insurance policy – you’ll always have food growing in your yard. Because once you plant them, it’s almost certain you’ll always have them. And you won’t have to lift a finger to help them grow. Don’t get your Jerusalems confused with […]

Growing food: How long do I have to wait?

Grow your own food! But be patient – this is how long it will take. The chart looks at how long you can expect to wait for your vegetables to grow from seed. These are estimated times – climate, soil conditions, water supply, different cultivars, farming methods can all give different results. There’s no time […]