The LPL Home Garden Report

It’s been awhile since I’ve reported in on the current state of affairs in the LovePlantLife home testing garden. Despite the best efforts of two littlies take up all my attention, the garden is doing surprisingly well. But it has been a bungled, mish-mash of growing what I can get into the ground rather than […]

Garden Diary: Reconnoitering the Rim

You know how some things just take time…. or some spare cash… well we’ve been talking about doing it for ages but finally went and spent a coupla hundred on some NZ natives to plant around our fenceline. Not only will these little beauties make the whole area look amazing, but improve our soil quality […]

Garden Diary: Winter Warmth

Sunlight on a weekend? Yayyyyy! And about bloody time. Didn’t think it would happen after the atrocious weather on Friday in Wellington, but Kapiti really has shone this weekend in it’s white and crisp winter sunlight. I’m thrilled to report that my garden, despite excessive moisture and neglect is doing really well. Daily, we’re pulling […]