12 Medicinal Herbs I Grow and Use Often

Images left to right from top: comfrey leaf; thyme; dill flowers; dried hops flowers; St John’s wort flowers; potted kawakawa; broad-leaved plantain; yarrow flowers; yarrow leaves; lemon balm; feverfew; aloe vera; peppermint.  There are masses of websites with info on medicinal herbs and quite frankly most of them are rubbish. Written by writers, not by […]

My artichokes are looking beautiful

I think when they’re perfectly ready I’ll make some of these for those near and dear who need them: Artichoke and Hawthorn Bar for cholesterol (Recipe from the BBC’s Grow Your Own Drugs – James Wong) 4 artichokes 1 litre water 475 g hawthorn berries 225 g sugar 1 cinnamon stick Juice of 1 lime […]

All the world’s problems can be solved in a garden

I’ve been constantly coming back to Geoff Lawton‘s quote since I heard it in Establishing a Food Forest. It so beautifully sums up my philosophy on plants and gardening. While it was the unofficial motto of 2009, let it here be ordained that this year it shall be my main motivator. To kick off 2010 […]

The dark side of fruit & veg

I’m just a little perplexed by this article in the Daily Mail. I can’t figure out if it’s another case of bad journalism, some kids taking the mickey or a tragic indictment of the state of our food supply. I can maybe see what they’re saying about hayfever. I can also see that in diversifying […]