Friday Seeds of Delight: 14 May

So it is my firm intention that every Friday I post some of the fascinating little gems of info, photos and links that have delighted me that week, discovered in the wonderful garden of knowledge that is the internet. For those lucky enough to own a digital SLR and love getting all macro, but can’t […]

Spring Bloom: Phytoplankton

Plankton is the key to ocean life.  Phytoplankton convert energy from sunlight into food for tiny animals called zooplankton. These in turn become food for larger animals. They also provide nearly half of the earth’s atmospheric oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When they die, they sink to the ocean floor where the […]

Living architecture – amazing plant pictures

“Plants are amazing: they provide food, air, medicine, and material with which we can create buildings, furniture, and art. But through an ancient yet obscure craft, still-living plants can themselves be turned into bridges, tables, ladders, chairs, works of art, and even buildings. Known variously as botanical architecture, tree sculpture, tree-shaping, tree-grafting, pooktre, arborsculpture, and […]