Wicked Bugs: Insectophobes need not apply

As I lie swatting the autumnal flies that I do detest, I am again insanely grateful that all branches of my family tree converged as they did in order for me to be a New Zealander. This is a recurring moment of gratitude, but never more so than having finished reading Amy Stewart’s Wicked Bugs. In this […]

Bring the noise: Summer is definitely here

To me, the arrival of summer is a real three stage process. There are three very clear, progressive signs that we are here. The first being the glorious arrival of flowering pohutukawa. The second, the brief sightings of my pasty-white legs. The third and final ‘yeah it’s actually really summer now’ signal–the raucous behaviour of […]

Biosecurity and the RWC: How much will that cup really cost us?

What happens when you drop the border protection standards for a primary exporting country, just so rugby fans can get into the country quicker? ? ? ? Industry group Horticulture New Zealand is right to be concerned by a drop in NZ’s border control for the Rugby World Cup. They claim more than 270,000 passengers […]

Mange à trois – Praying Mantis Action

You’ve heard the stories now see the photographic evidence right here at LovePlantLife! Female praying mantis rips off and devours the head of not one but two lovers, turning this ménage à trois into a mange à trois. Wild!