Dear NZ Gardeners – Happy New Year!

It’s now completely official – no matter which way you recognise Matariki, it is officially the New Year! New Zealand gardeners should join with Maori in celebrating this special time of year, because ma’dears – this what Christmas should be for the Southern Hemisphere. A little confused? You don’t recognise the word Matariki, let alone […]

Maara Kai project ‘sowing seeds of potential’

Setting up a maara kai (community garden) is an act of reclaiming Māori culture, self-reliance, and rangatiratanga, according to Māori Affairs Minister Dr Pita Sharples. The Minister was speaking at the launch of a New Zealand programme to promote community gardens on marae and Māori community projects. 250 eligible maara kai can get grants of […]

Kowhai ngutu kaka

Spotted in Saturday’s DomPost, the stunning kowhai ngutu kaka, a.k.a kaka beak or Clianthus puniceus. The article was a little questionable (kaka beak has been nearly extinct in the wild since the 1940s, so there’s hardly any point trying to blame cows or grapes). But it’s nice to see the incredible scarlet flowers get a […]

Maara Kai – From Garden To Plate

It used to be commonplace for New Zealand families to grow their own produce and eat from their gardens. Maara Kai is a new series that looks at ways families can restore that connection between the garden and the plate, and premieres on Maori Television on Sunday April 12 at 5pm. “Many of us come […]