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Handy little chart of how to store your fruit and vegetables. Amazing things you can do with 500,000 dahlias. There are new White House kitchen garden videos. Edible Geography has a day out with mushrooms grown in an old railway tunnel. Victory gardens in bomb craters? Michael Pollan’s The Botany of Desire now on TV

Presents for NZ Plant Lovers: Grow Your Own Mushrooms Kit

Always looking for new and novel ways to garden and eat, I’m thrilled to have found these great kits fromMushroom Gourmet. Complete with really good instructions and everything you need to be growing these little blighters. I’ll let you know in about 2 weeks just how fabulous this kit is. Yum, I can’t wait! I’m […]

Greensulate – Insulation from Mushrooms

In the very cool but very warm plant product category this week, we have Greensulate – a low-cost, rigid insulating board made from mushroom spores. “The insulation is created by pouring a mixture of insulating particles, hydrogen peroxide, starch, and water into a panel mold. Mushroom cells are then injected into the mold, where they […]